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Je ne supporte pas de dormir avec la porte du placard ouverte. Suis-je normale ?

Auteur : Odilon Décrue, il y a longtemps
 46 moi aussi.

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Com#736  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Pierre Anathème

Est-ce que les gens qui ont voté normal ou 'moi aussi' peuvent m'expliquer ? Quel est le souci ? Des animaux ou des fantômes dans le placard ? Des amants ?

Com#749  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Cora Rouet

ben à quoi ça sert d'avoir des portes de placard si c'est pour t'endormir tous les soir avec la vision des piles de fringues qui penchent !
à les laisser ouvertes, autant que ce soit dans la journée quand on est pas là !

Com#752  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Réquisit

Oui je comprends, mais de là à ne PAS pouvoir dormir si elle est ouverte, c'est autre chose !

Com#27596  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Charlie Stérile

Des Allemands.

Com#75724  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par flouflouf

ça stresse, un placard ouvert, en tout cas pour moi

Com#748  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Cora Rouet

moi aussi, surtout lorsque c'est mon mari qui l'a laissée ouverte.

Com#102120  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Corinne Eutrophe

Exactement pareil !! MDRRRR ça me rassure qq part..


Com#2563  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Arabelle Fard

Pas moyen de dormir la porte ouverte (placard ou autres) !
J'ai l'impression que ca donne sur un autre monde la nuit.

Com#101627  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Blanche Accueil

It is kind of a him right situation after stealing a bike and then throwing his girlfriend off the back so he could get away from the bike owner. Ave., Tall madge, OH 44278.. As for France, Daniel Cohn Bendit, leader of the European Green Party, says that Sarkozy has "taken the French for fools" in pursuing his anti Roma policy.

Soutien#27930  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Samuel Klippe

rkIsDC emrmyapfibor

Com#61051  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Faustin Allocution

Fais du youkoulélé tout en chantant du Patrick Sébastien, tu verras ta porte se fermera toute seule et à toi les pépettes !

Com#75723  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par flouflouf

Pareil pour moi : depuis que je suis toute petite, j'ai besoin de fermer les portes, placards, etc. qui sont ouverts. Enfin maintenant c'est le contraire pour les portes : une porte fermée m'angoisse un peu, car je me sens enfermée et seule si elle est ouverte

Com#76102  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par toufou62

Si elle N'est Pas ouverte * dans ta dernière pharse , non ? ^^'

Dans certaine condition , 'vaut mieux se sentir seule qu'obsérvée ou / et en présence du personne qui t'inquiète un peu , non ? ^^'

Com#76104  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par flouflouf

si elle est fermée, oui je me suis trompée.
Oui, mais je vis avec personne qui m'inquiète, pourquoi toi y a des membres de ta famille qui t'inquiètent ?
ça me stressait parfois les portes ou placards ouverts

Com#76109  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par toufou62

Pourquoi ça te stressait ?
Mais dans la nuit , dans l'obscurité la plus totale , lorsque tu ferme les yeux , t qu'une personne te fixe longuement par exemple , même ayant connaissance de la personne qui te regarde ainsi et sachant qu'elle ne te veux aucun mal , ni rien , tu pourras remarquer que c'est inquiètant .. / Chacun des membres de ma famille m'inquiète , oui .. =/

Com#76113  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par flouflouf

Je sais pas, c'est stressant...
Ah oui, je crois que je vois ce que tu veux dire, que c'est inquiétant.
Ah bon, bizarre bizarre que les membres de ta famille t'inquiètent...

Com#76116  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par toufou62

Tu connais pas la raison de ce " stress " ?

C'est bizarre ? =/ pourquoi ?

Com#76120  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par flouflouf

Ben pour moi, c'est logique que ce soit stressant... donc pas besoin d'expliquer (y a pas de "raison")...
parce que c'est ta famille, normalement tu as l'habitude de vivre avec eux

Com#76123  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par toufou62

Justement , si c'est logique , cest qu'il y a une raison , non ? ^^ Au quel cas , au contraire , c'est que c'est pas logique ^^
C'est justement parce que j'ai l'habitude de vivre avec eux que je les trouves encore plus inquiètant .. =/

Com#101694  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Lila Polysomie

The phone puts him in contact with the Pentagon. Would love to get you in a corporate board room so I could tear you apart, bit by bit, to clearly demonstrate how your brain has stopped working properly.. The purpose of carbs is to give you energy to get through the day, but by dinner time, you'll be going to bed in a few hours, so you don't need them.

Com#102016  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

The attackers try to emulate to process, but find that the password 'changeme' for Bob isn't working. They try using your username and the password 'betsy'. They'll know your speed, and the speed of all the other vehicles around you. Plus, when the European Galileo system comes on stream in a couple of years they'll know what lane you are in and even if you're in the middle of the lane or drifting over the line..

Com#102019  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

Thompson. "This one is nasty. To qualify as cyberterrorism, the attack must result in violence against people or property, according to Dunning. Attacks that lead to plane crashes, contamination of water supplies or severe economic losses, for example, would be considered cyberterrorism..

Com#102021  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

Option 1Option 2I cannot which one will offer the opportunity to prove ownership; but one of them should. As for how old it is, if you have not logged in for more than 6 months the account became inactive. "In this case it seems more of an attack on the voting process," says Ion Sancho, supervisor of elections in Leon County, Fla., who has studied cybersecurity in detail for systems he oversees. "Most Americans are unaware of the overall insecurity of the Internet and blind to the hacking threat to US elections systems..

Com#102031  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

But a famine in 1974 ravaged the country, leading Dr. Yunus to alter his thinking and his life profoundly: "What good were all my complex theories when people were dying of starvation on the sidewalks and porches across from my lecture hall?. Of the growth of this bacterial epidemic has been due to the overuse of antibiotics, the CDC noted in its March 6 report. Unlike healthy people, people in poor health are at high risk for C.He too inherited a mess. The first years were brutal. Both sides are keen to play down the political and religious aspects of the dispute, but some of the strongest opposition to the vaccination campaign has come from Islamic leaders who say the alleged contamination is part of a Western plot to make Muslims infertile. The resulting deadlock highlights an isolationist tendency in parts of the ruling northern elite."Anything where it would mean joining the international community, they don't want it at all," says a Kano based imam from western Nigeria who asks not to be named.

Com#102035  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

In an Aug. 6 death report obtained by The Province, Dr. They also help to prevent workers from burns and cuts that are commonplace in this industry. One of the most important protections workers receive in the automotive industry, is in the reduction of vibrations that can eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Com#102047  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

For many people, they may take on the role of an informal carer who helps to care for a family member, such as an elderly relative. Caring for somebody is a very rewarding experience, but even in the best circumstances it can be difficult and demanding.

Com#102049  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

The way forward is thus not to just willy nilly advocate for greater college attainment. It's to take a clear eyed look at education and job/career training needs across the life cycle. The multiplier was much higher than 10 in a small town in Germany in 1970. One man was hospitalized with the disease, and kept in an isolation ward.

Com#102058  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

While we welcome you to join conversations, readers are responsible for their comments and abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated. We reserve the right, without warning or notification, to remove comments and block users judged to violate our Terms of Service and Rules of Engagement.

Com#102060  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Ventricule

Mais TG !!!! Tu sais ce que ça veut dire ????

Com#102080  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

The damaged cable caused service disruptions in Egypt, Africa and other parts of the Middle East. The motive of the men is unknown. We just have to go through the evidence and go through the process."AKILL's malware is central to Operation Bot Roast, with the FBI delaying the announcement of eight people charged until the day after the search warrant was executed on Walker (his computers were seized, he was arrested, released without charge but remains under investigation).Of eight people who have appeared in court as a result of Bot Roast, two are men who were jailed for 42 months and 24 months for "bank phishing schemes" in which they electronically transferred "substantial sums" into accounts they set up in the name of a bogus company.Laws are in place to cope with the global nature of cyber crime. Depending on evidence, Walker could be extradited to face charges in the United States or be prosecuted here..

Com#102092  | score:0  +1 -1 | Par Albert Truie

Police said the troopers found Wayne Cothin Jr., 55, sitting in a lawn chair in his back yard. He allegedly shouted at the troopers, would not comply with police orders, and tried to attack Trooper T. Only in special cases could I see them busting out the caffeine pills, for something routine as compromising DC controllers you would not want to fry your talent. They do this every day, in shifts, for years.

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