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Patrick Sébastien et ses sardines me donnent des envies de meurtre. Est-ce normal ?

Auteur : Akali, il y a longtemps
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Soutien#98347  | score:-1  +1 -1 | Par Stella Structure

I have had conflicting aenrsws regarding when and how we will receive our 2 free weekend nights now that we have met the required spend for the Hilton Reserve Visa card. What is your experience with this? Will we receive a certificate like Fairmont does or is it like Hyatt in that it is available through your online account? Also, how long do you have to wait? We are hoping to use it for the end of February but I'm concerned about availability if it takes to0 long. Can I book the WA in Maui and then transfer it over to the free nights when it comes through? Thanks for your help!

Soutien#98559  | score:-1  +1 -1 | Par Albert Force

Folks have done it, but you may need to call to get approved and your excepienre could be different from others.@jrey Citi likely will charge a cash advance for it (they usually are quite good at that type of think, though sometimes they don't), so best to try with a small amount first.@Tara You can't book premium economy using US Airline miles, but you may be able to book either a coach award and pay cash for the economy plus type seats if the airline offers it (usually just a few inches extra). Or redeem extra miles for a business class award.@Marshall - Thanks for reading! Here's a link to which may help.@Jeff Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, the ability to get 2 Citi personal cards at the same time may be over for now. But you may be able to get 1 personal and 1 business card instead. If your parents each apply for the cards it is 100K per person or 200K in total. It is 67.5K American Airlines miles for a 1 way from the USYou could fly back in business instead of first or use United miles (there is a 55K United card and the Sapphire Preferred/Ink Bold/Plus etc. to earn more United miles) if you're looking for a different way back.@Lesli I've never tried more than 2 at a time with Bank of America, so I don't know if they will approve you for 3. I know that you will likely have to call, so you may be able to get 3 if you're adventurous and want to try it out.@Paul S. I usually call to get approved instead of waiting for the letter.@Joe - You can search on, but they often will show inflated prices so try searching for 1-way at a time and then piecing it together.@Lance -Do you have ? If so, you could get any card, buy Vanilla Reload and put it on your Bluebird and then use your Bluebird (which is an AMEX card) at Costco. Or and then use the AMEX gift card at Costco. If you're willing to go that route the Chase United card, Southwest card, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold/Plus could all be good cards depending on your goals.Alternatively, you could consider the Citi American Airlines card (AMEX version). There is an American Express Delta card, but it doesn't have a good sign-on bonus.

Soutien#109869  | score:1  +1 -1 | Par Elsy Taurobole

Les chansons de Patrick Sébastien ... c'est quand même pas terrible et ça peut vite taper sur le système !


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